Mixer Gutierrez

Hello, I'm Mixer

Ruby on Rails Developer | Front-end Developer.| Business Manager.

Medellín, Colombia

Mixer Gutierrez

Ruby on Rails Developer. Front-end Developer. Sometimes iOS and Android. Business Manager


Ruby on Rails

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Profesional Profile

I'm a developer based on Medellín, Colombia. Currently I feel pretty comfortable developing in Ruby on Rails, nevertheless I've done a few things using Android and iOS. I'm always trying to write better and friendly code and learning the best practices.

At this moment I'm focused trying to learning more about Data Science and growing my Ruby on Rails knowledge

In the near future I see myself contributing to open source projects, and learning about hardware, IoT and data science.

I also have a Business Management degree which I expect to use somewhere in the future


I normally like to stay informed about many topics (economy, politics, tech), drink a beer on sunny days and spend time with friends and family.


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What i can do

My Services.

Back-end development

I'm good creating platforms using Ruby on Rails' restful architecture, whether it is a dashboard or a medium-level complexity app, I can do the job

Front-end development

Let's give some life to those PSD/AI/jpeg/napkins wireframes! I have some knowledge in technologies like jQuery, Sass, Handlebars, Google Charts


A website's experience must be consistent no matter what device is being used. I can help you with that too.

Mobile development

Sometimes is better to go mobile-first, if this is your need, I know a couple of things about iOS and Android

I'm currently available for freelance work.

Feel free to get in touch if you have some idea or project in which we could work together

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My education and experience.


Business Administration

Graduate with a focus in marketing. I also managed to work in a couple of academic research projects

University of Antioquia

2009 - 2014

Web developer

Web development bootcamp like HackReactor 12 weeks of 9-5 code learning

Make It Real Camp

2014 - 2015


Front-end developer / Android developer / Ruby on Rails

Small projects like customizing wordpress templates or data-gathering apps on android and small MVPs using Ruby on Rails


2012 - 2014

Front-end developer / iOS developer

I was in charge to develop most of the experiments the company wanted to see live to open new lines of products. Many and new things to do, in short time



Ruby on Rails Developer

Course experience involves working with Postgres, charting libraries, testing, front-end, sendgrid, carrierwave, S3, Heroku.

Make It Real Camp

2014 - 2015

Front-end developer / Back-end developer

Support development of a Radiology information system built with Ruby on Rails

Samitic S.A.S

2015 - 2016

Front-end developer / Back-end developer

Develop e-commerce MVP using Ruby on Rails and Stripe

OnRocks Inc


Front-end developer / Back-end developer

Collaborate in projects using Ruby on Rails and Front-end technologies


2015 - Current

Contact Me

Send me and email or find me in skype. I'll be happy to hear from you

Or if you prefer, you can tell me your ideas using the button aside :)